The Challenge

Regulatory changes are forcing local Telecom companies and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to replace historical revenues. Fortunately, these organizations have existing billing, customer support and IT / connectivity infrastructure in place to service both new and existing business and government customers. Today, many businesses are seeking to leverage efficiencies and lower IT overhead by using outsourced IT solutions. Sphere 3D’s V3 System delivers the fastest, most flexible computing solution in the market that is specifically designed to drive new revenue from your existing users:



Sphere 3D’s integrated solutions, remove the complexity of virtual desktop instances (VDIs) by offering a simple all-in-one drop in appliance that meets key business drivers for MSP companies including:

  • Increasing monthly revenue by expanding business offerings to both existing and new customers
  • Serving existing customers in the most efficient way possible while ensuring customer satisfaction, with their remote and on-site desktops
  • Lowering costs by reducing the volume of Help Desk calls and time-per-call
  • Enabling MSPs to support multiple platforms with virtual desktop instances that run on PCs, Macs, Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Our remote management and storage solutions protects customer privacy and business data
  • Sphere 3D’s V3 System ensures scalability and easy, nimble deployment in getting a new installation up and running quickly – and eliminates the hassles of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Now MSPs can offer customers the convenience of office based computing or untethered access via WiFi and Wireless Networks
  • Leveraging IT efficiencies while ensuring highly available, consistent and reliable service to customers
  • Saving money on both operational and capital expenses

Sphere 3D understands these needs and addresses them
with our Desktop Cloud Computing technology.

The Solution:

Sphere 3D’s role: how do we fit into the Managed Service Provider environment?

Our V3 Desktop Cloud Computing Appliances deliver 25 – 400 virtual Windows® desktops per unit, with guaranteed performance that is 2x – 8x faster than physical desktops. The drop-in server appliances elegantly integrate into an existing VMware infrastructure (whether at the customer site or the datacenter), providing the computing and local storage needed for hosting virtual desktops. We also offer V3’s Desktop Cloud Orchestrator software to simplify the creation, management and movement of dedicated virtual desktops, including policies for failover. This desktop management software aggregates key features that a desktop administrator would need from VMware’s vCenter and View into a centralized console.


What this means is that MSPs can choose how they want to deploy the solutions, with 3 flavours:

  • Hosted running from a MSP data center
  • On-Site where the appliance resides in a business customer data center
  • Hybrid with a combination of private/public networks and mix of on premise and hosted storage, appliances.

What does this mean for you?

  • For MSP managers, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution helps generate high-margin recurring revenue streams that increase profitability for your company by selling an easily managed virtual desktop solution to business customers. Your small business customers receive high-performance virtual desktops that increase employee productivity, saving time and money. In addition, Sphere 3D’s V3 optimized technologies and management tools help you reduce costs on MSP managed services to virtual desktop customers.
  • For MSP IT administrators, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution offers simple deployment and centralized management with increased performance. Whether Sphere 3D’s V3 solution is hosted at the customer site or the datacenter, product upgrades, Windows updates and software patches can be pushed out to virtual desktops in hours (not days or weeks), saving on overhead costs. In fact we have all the components covered from end-to-end for easy deployment:




  • For the small business customers, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution provides employees with highly available, consistent and reliable access to cloud services through high-performance virtual desktops.

With Sphere 3D′s solution you can expect
to experience the following benefits:

The Results:

  • Sphere 3D’s solution provides you with a new way to generate recurring monthly revenue from the customers you already have
  • Easy way to generate high-profit recurring revenue by selling virtual desktops on a monthly basis to small business clients
  • Sphere 3D’s V3 System offers the industry’s leading turn-key, drop-in solution that is easily managed for rapid deployment and has proven MSP, business and government installations
  • Sphere 3D’s V3 System leverages today’s wireless, fiber and broadband networks for full follow me desktops and printing in a seamless solution.
  • Sphere 3D’s V3 System ensures business continuity and optimal security: secure data “views” are transmitted – meaning no data is at risk on local devices; and we offer full Image failover/disaster recovery in a matter of minutes – not days!
  • MSPs have the flexibility to package and sell the solution as an outright hardware sale for on premise; or hosted “Desktop-as-a-Service” subscription basis
  • Complete costing and configuration can be done with simple bundles or build-it-yourself pricing:


  • Thanks to Sphere 3D, MSPs can offer virtual desktops with support services to small business owners for one low cost, per person, per month – often resulting in as much as 33% revenues from additional solutions such as storage and support.
  • A 3x to 6x return on your investment over 3 years, along with financing available (see your Sphere 3D Sales Representative for more details)

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