Welcome to the new home of V3 Systems!

We are excited to announce that Sphere 3D has acquired V3 Systems. If you have not already heard the news, please take a moment to read from our blog, and from the press releases.

V3 Systems Will Be a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Sphere 3D!

As a combined company yet wholly owned subsidiary of Sphere 3D we are excited to continue our pursuit of moving desktops to the cloud where they belong… [read full article]

Sphere 3D To Acquire V3 Systems

Sphere 3D has been working closely with V3 for several months and commenced shipping of V3 Appliances to customers in January 2014… [read full press release]

Sphere 3D Completes Acquisition of V3 Systems

Sphere 3D Corporation, today announced that it completed the acquisition of all of the assets and operations of privately held V3 Systems Inc. (“V3″), a leader in providing VDI architecture, software and hybrid Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions…[read full press release]