The Sphere 3D solution for healthcare allows for containerized applications to end “end of life” scenarios. It also provides ubiquitous application availability on remote devices of any kind. This solution has been deployed with great success for numerous healthcare providers.

One example of this is where (Sphere 3D partner) NovaRad deployed NovaGlass (link to case study), which includes a desktop management component consisting of Sphere 3D’s V3 VDI solution for desktops, and the Glassware 2.0 technology. This combination makes use of all the components of Glassware 2.0 to end “end of life” for their NovaGlass application. NovaRad is now free to focus on developing the software features their customers need most, with confidence that they can continue to deliver a complete application experience for any device. In other words, users are now able to leverage the added benefit of accessing the NovaGlass experience from iPads, Chromebooks, smart phones, and virtually any device, with complete feature availability.

Expanding Reach of “Dell DRIVE Plus” See Case Study