Our employees are able to take phone calls quicker, and make sales quicker,
 because the performance is so much faster than our other desktops on the call center floor.  

– Jacob Phillips
Network Administrator and Help Desk Manager at CLEARLINK

The Challenge:

In the Call Center industry, the most important metric is streamlined efficiencies. In an industry where every second counts, reduced time-per-call is paramount. This depends on how quickly staff, operators and agents can access the applications and data needed to provide the best and highest level of responsiveness for clients. Sphere 3D offers call centers the fastest computing environment in the industry, allowing them to minimize average call times and maximize the value of critical business drivers for IT in call centers including:

  • Improving agent productivity, client responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Shaving time off per call, since less time equals saved money
  • Protecting client privacy and data
  • Providing on-the-fly flexible resource allocation
  • Saving money on both operational and capital expenses
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance, such as PCI-DSS
  • Providing access to standardized knowledge bases, CRM applications, and agent scripts
  • Enforcing uniform software versions and security updates
  • Ensuring scalability and easy nimble deployment in getting a new call center up and running quickly
  • Simplifying the management of complex IT solutions while delivering high-quality services
  • Saving time because of faster virtual desktop performance
  • Ensuring high availability, performance and scalability

Sphere 3D understands these needs and addresses them
with our Desktop Cloud Computing technology.

The Solution:

Sphere 3D’s role: how do we fit into the Call Center environment?

Our Desktop Cloud Computing Appliances deliver 25– 400 virtual Windows® desktops per unit, with guaranteed performance that is 2x – 8x faster than physical desktops. The server appliances elegantly integrate into an existing VMware infrastructure, providing the computing and local storage needed for hosting virtual desktops. We also offer Sphere 3D’s Desktop Cloud Orchestrator software to simplify the creation, management and movement of dedicated virtual desktops, including policies for failover. This desktop management software aggregates key features that a desktop administrator would need from VMware’s vCenter and View into a centralized console.

What does this mean for you?

  • For call center managers, Sphere 3D’s solution helps you increase the call center’s productivity and profitability by providing staff with high-performance virtual desktops that reduce call time, and simplified centralized desktop administration that saves time and money.
  • For agents, operators and other staff, Sphere 3D’s solution helps you improve client responsiveness with high-performance virtual desktops that provide faster logins and application loads, resulting in higher personal productivity metrics and increased customer satisfaction.
  • For IT administrators, Sphere 3D’s solution offers simple deployment and centralized management with increased performance. This means Windows updates and software patches can be pushed out to all virtual desktops in minutes (not days or weeks), saving on overhead costs.

The Results: Clearlink Case Study

Clearlink, a content creation and conversion company is experiencing rapid growth in their call centers. They needed a desktop solution that would be centrally managed, easy to scale, while maintaining high performance for each desktop. Sphere 3D V3 solution was a perfect fit. Also check out this blog article for more info.

With Sphere 3D’s solution you can expect
to experience the following benefits:

  • Quicker application and document loads means faster virtual desktop performance, saving time per call which results in saved money
  • Ensured Client Privacy because sensitive data is not stored on end points
  • Ability to answer calls more quickly, with little or no downtime.
  • More controlled access and easier management with Sphere 3D’s optimized technologies and management tools
  • Minimized downtime for administrative operations, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Decreased support costs through central management of software versioning, product upgrades and software patches
  • Extended desktop hardware replacement cycle, since thin and zero clients become obsolete less quickly than PCs or laptops
  • Enhanced security through controlled access and greater control of virtual datacenters and cloud environments
  • Scalability is as easy as adding another Sphere 3D Appliance, or allocating a new appliance to a new location
  • Single point of contact for all support needs, saving time and money

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