Customers Love Our High Performance Virtual Desktops

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Customers Love Our High Performance Virtual Desktops. Is it the VDI TCO or is it the intangibles? We don’t really care.

CustomerBlogI’ve written blogs about VDI TCO in the past. VDI TCO implies a cold-blooded analytical measurement of a product’s financial performance. It has its place and we stand behind our VDI TCO numbers, which in hindsight appear to be very conservative.

Empirical data on the other hand cannot be generalized to every user in the same way. However, in some ways empirical information has a greater credibility to those interested in the same product’s ability. Everyone loves the hardcore and deep analysis that comes from Gartner or Forrester. Where does a product lie on the “Magic Quadrant”? That has its place, but if you ever attended a Gartner forum with an open discussion and you hear “real” world experiences, good or bad, that’s where the rubber hits the road. Those people who shared their experiences are immediately approached at the end of the forum for more information about that experience.

Now that V3 has many customers, the empirical evidence is overwhelmingly positive. In fact, I can’t think of one bad experience. For a variety of compliance reasons, not every customer can publically share his experience, but we have more and more customers willing to tell the V3 story. The video case study below tells one such story. Clearlink, a very successful content conversion company with large call centers, shares “real” life experience of the V3 solution. The Clearlink experience is very typical of what our other customers are also telling us. Below are some paraphrased examples:

    • IT manager: “I never thought I would use a virtual desktop, but this thing is so fast, I use it as my primary desktop”
    • Desktop administrator: “I love the appliance model. I can implement, and manage the VMs without hassling the network or storage guys”.
    • IT manager: “Compared to traditional desktops or other VDI solutions, there’s nothing to manage with V3’s system”
    • CIO: “When I found myself stuck in traffic I opened up my 3G iPad, logged into my dedicated V3 virtual machine, and got a bunch of work done. When I got home, I was free. We are converting the entire company to V3’s system”
    • Engineering Firm: “Running AutoCAD (remotely) on a V3 appliance was amazing. It would cost me $7 to $12 thousand to build a stand-alone PC that could do that.”
    • Help desk manager: “I’m rethinking my whole manpower model for support. I may only need half the number of support people that I anticipated”

VDI TCO is great and some customers decide on V3 because it has a very compelling VDI TCO story. Others decide based on a discussion with other users about the intangibles. Frankly we don’t care which reason they choose, we just like it when their expectations are exceeded and they gush about V3.