Distributed VDI Architectures are superior to Centralized!

Distributed VDI Architectures are superior to Centralized!

We have all heard and contributed to the discussions around public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud and have our opinions on it.  Some of the older arguments I think are worth revitalizing, my favorite is that there is no such thing as public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Cloud is cloud!

When I think on this, and as I look at DaaS, DRaaS, and other XaaS services, I find myself wondering why anyone thinks centralized delivery models are in any way superior to distributed delivery models.

Here are a number of reasons why distributed architectures are superior and proven to work better than their centralized equivalents:


The further you are away from a service, the slower it is perceived to go!  I do not know any architect that cannot outperform physical desktops on a LAN with VDI, but introduce unknown networking such as those always found on WANs and you run into all kinds of unforeseen issues.

Check out our latest video which tells of how being closer is always better!



Let’s be honest… Aren’t desktops, applications, and support delivered regionally at least, but almost always on premise closest to where people are working from?  Breaking down management into regional distributions or even campus type distributions are how our servers, applications, desktops, and networks are broken up today.  Asking a forklift away from that model almost in itself explains why Desktops and Applications have barely scratched the surface for moving to the cloud despite the advantages of doing so.


With even conservative estimates for how much bandwidth is required per application or desktop, how much can you really run at the same time with any kind of performance expectations?  Isn’t it like squeezing a basketball through a straw even at gigabit speeds when everyone is using them at once?  The math to me on this one seems very simple.

To me the conclusion is simple:

Distributed architectures for storage, desktops, and applications are superior to centralized approaches!  Of course this doesn’t diminish the value of centralized approaches, only brings the question back to some of the original thoughts.  If you have distributed architectures for storage, desktops, and applications, do you even need to worry about public, private, or hybrid cloud anymore?  I think not!  Just do it distributed, keep it simple, and deliver it how you want, as a service.

There is a page about this on our site about how we achieve this here: https://sphere3d.com/sphere-3d-distributed-computing/


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