Empowering our Channel Partners to Succeed—Introducing the Elite and ElitePro Certification Program

Jaymes Davis, Senior Director of InnovationJaymes Davis, Senior Director of Innovation, Sphere 3D

Resellers and Service Providers, a few days ago we announced our Elite and ElitePro Certification Program to enable and equip you to sell our desktop and application virtualization solutions: V3 and Glassware 2.0.  You may ask, “What is the catalyst for this certification program, and why go through the process of being certified?”  I asked our first ElitePro certified partner to answer this in his own words.

Matt General, CTO of Entisys360 replied, “We are excited to be one of the first Sphere 3D ElitePro Partners. V3 is a unique and proprietary technology. Its compute interacts well with storage solutions, and this product adds value for our clients who crave more control within their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. With our ElitePro status, we have new, exciting functionality and price options to offer to our sophisticated client base.”

We understand “functionality“ and “price” are key deciding factors when determining which technology solutions and product offerings to include in your sales and training portfolios. Sphere 3D’s virtualization solutions meet this criteria and more.  In fact, our V3 product is poised to finally democratize the VDI industry!  Moreover, it provides the right functions at a price point designed to make VDI a mass market solution.

We recognize that your customers likely fall into  one of three buckets when it comes to VDI:

  1. Customers that are too small to afford the cost and technical debt of the more renowned VDI offerings that are designed for larger enterprises.
  2. Customers that are gung ho on server virtualization but who are understandably intimidated by the perceived complexities of VDI.  For example, there are as many as 1000 times more virtual desktop machines than virtual servers deployed today.
  3. Customers who love and understand VDI and use it in central locations but don’t know how to make the cost benefit work in remote offices.

Sphere 3D reduced the cost and complexity of architecting, deploying and supporting a VDI solution by changing the way compute in VDI works with storage. A nice side effect of this simplicity is, it’s easier for you to explain how VDI aligns with your customers’ needs, and how they can benefit and afford it.  Adding our virtualization solutions to your portfolios can increase your addressable customer base, and allow you to better leverage your own people vs. investing in hard to find, qualified virtualization architects. For common use cases and smaller deployments, it’s easy to mix and match the pre-configured architectures that we believe differentiate our three V3 product categories: EUC, Flex Node, and Smart Node.  For these types of installations, we recommend becoming an Elite Partner.  It takes only two days to train sales staff and sales engineers to sell and deploy our cookie-cutter solutions. Moreover, your teams that are selling servers or storage can add another solution to sell to their same clients.

If you have customers that require larger, more complex deployments, consider becoming an ElitePro Partner. With this level of certification, your existing specialized virtualization professionals can offer tunable, custom architectures with optimal performance, drive compute to the very edge of customers’ networks, and significantly reduce costs. Your virtualization specialists will be heroes to the enterprise and they can avoid spending time on the drudgery of how the storage architecture affects performance or the other issues that plague today’s alternative VDI offerings. Rather, they can spend their time designing and adding cool new architecture deployments to their virtualization portfolios.

There are hundreds of millions of physical desktops in North America alone. Now is the time to be the vanguard in converting a majority of physical desktop users to virtual. Wouldn’t you want to be part of this phenomenal trend of desktop transformation?

To learn more about our view of the trends in desktop virtualization, please also see our recently published whitepaper: “Why 2016 will Finally See Elasticity in the Desktop Application Virtualization Market”