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Sphere 3D has added two tiers, Elite and ElitePro, to our FastTrack partner program to deliver educational and sales support for our V3 virtualization solution to our Value Added Resellers (VARs), System Integrators (SIs) and Solution Providers (SPs). Through the multiple certification levels of the FastTrack Program, partners have access to the resources they need to successfully sell, deploy, and support the full portfolio of Sphere 3D solutions, including those from our subsidiaries, Overland Storage and Tandberg Data.

To date, VDI adoption has suffered from being too expensive, too complex and too limited for most use cases.  These problems have restricted VDI to large customers only.  V3’s proprietary storage architecture outlined in our White Paper, “V3 Storage Architecture Overview and Implications for VDI” has enabled several features that are unique in the VDI industry:

  • Reduction of initial hardware deployment per site – to just a single appliance;
  • Removal of the need for an expensive and complex Storage Area Network;
  • Enablement of server fail-over from site to site (vs locally) for distributed deployments;
  • Introduction of flexible workload specific appliances to eliminate the “one size fits all” over provisioning of virtual desktops.  

These features allow VDI to break out of its enterprise niche and become a true physical desktop replacement for customers of all sizes.  V3 can be a desktop solution for the following types of customers who are not adequately fulfilled today by other VDI vendors:

  • Remote Offices\Branch Offices. Remote offices of large enterprises or SMEs with as few as 10 users per remote office can benefit from VDI on site.  
  • Small and Medium Size Businesses.  Companies that had too few users to justify the expense of a traditional VDI deployment plus complex storage network can now afford VDI through V3.  Effectively the minimum deployment of 500 users (for economic reasons) by other VDI vendors has been reduced to 50 users by V3.
  • Specialized Workloads.  Our unique set of appliances and software allows for the matching of specific workloads to pre-tuned and optimized appliances. Customers can have everything from entry level virtual desktops to professional graphics workstations.

Removing much of the complexity previously inherent in VDI enables a streamlined V3 sales, implementation and support process and expands the total addressable market for Sphere 3D partners. Please read our White Paper “Why 2016 will Finally See Elasticity in the Desktop Application Virtualization Market” to see how Sphere 3D’s virtualization solutions will expand the addressable market for our partners.

Selling a differentiated virtualization solution like V3 requires education and experience with implementing, using and testing V3 appliances.  Our Elite and ElitePro certifications provide the resources needed to either start your virtualization practice or turbo-charge the virtualization practice you already have.

FastTrack Channel Partner Tier Level Overviews

BaseLine FastTrack Level

Download BaseLine Overview

FastTrack Channel Partner Elite Tier Levels and Benefits:

Sphere 3D Elite Program Benefits Elite Elite Pro
All baseline FastTrack partner benefits
Access to webinar series
Access to online sales demonstrations
Continuing Education Program
Joint marketing campaigns and events
Lead sharing program*
Partnering opportunities for national and regional shows*
Phone & online support
Access to Sphere 3D’s marketing & solution architecture team
Designated and promoted as an authorized Demo / Sandbox provider
Designated and promoted as an Authorized Elite Training Partner
Designated and promoted as an Authorized Elite Professional Services Provider
*Subject to Sphere 3D pre-approval
Sphere 3D Elite Requirements Elite Elite Pro
Sign Elite Reseller Agreement
Sign Master Services Agreement
Sphere 3D Elite Reseller training (2 day onsite or remote)
Sphere 3D ElitePro solutions training (4 days onsite)
Purchase demo solution kit (Not For Resale – NFR)
Microsoft and VMWare Sales Certification Training
VMWare VCP with Desktop Designation
Microsoft Azure Architect Certification
Participate in account mapping and quarterly business reviews

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