Glassware 2.0’s manager technology allows for administration from a web based UI, as well as a set of APIs that can be used to integrate Glassware 2.0’s other technologies into workflow based solutions such as portals.

Glassware manager technology containerizes Windows applications into any environment based on need. Using a simplified web management tool, you can easily install an application on the Glassware 2.0 server using the native install process of the windows application you wish to virtualize – and Glassware 2.0 will provision it within a Windows container automatically.

Glassware manager technology uniquely places an installable Windows application within a container and then exposes APIs for that application. Those APIs can then be used by a DevOps team to embed the application within various workflow related technologies. Additionally, the manager tool is able to integrate Glassware 2.0 technologies into other End User Component Architecture components such as the V3 technologies for VDI.

The combination of Glassware’s components and V3 components allows for Optimized Desktop Allocation as well as Simple Pool Orchestration. It exposes additional APIs and a web based UI that can simplify how we interact with End User Component Architectures. Lastly, this approach provides administrators the flexibility to deliver an end user experience that is ideal for the user in any solution.

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