Glassware 2.0 technology will manifest itself in as many flavors and variations as application circumstances call for. Because containerizing applications gives direct access to hardware there will be as many appliance offerings as there are specific needs for applications to utilize the hardware.

Glassware 2.0 has been deployed as reference architectures for basic productivity applications for devices, such as those used in education systems using Chromebooks. The technology stack has been deployed as a reference architecture for 3D level applications such as CAD and medical imaging software, all the while outperforming local physical based equivalent installs and delivering all the values application clouds can offer.

The sky is the limit…

Glassware on R720-500The sky is the limit to how Glassware 2.0 can be applied and optimized. To date we have delivered reference architectures on many hardware platform offerings. Glassware 2.0 has been delivered on what was previously a storage appliance, traditional servers, converged appliances, and even on laptops. Ultimately, Glassware 2.0 technology will manifest itself in as many variations as application circumstances will call for. With our unique approach of containerizing applications and utilization of microvisors, we give software direct access to hardware. As a result of this unique approach, we anticipate there will be a number of permutations of Glassware 2.0 to address the specific needs for applications that rely on the underlying hardware for optimum performance

Because the Glassware 2.0 reference architecture appliances pull from the Glassware technology stack, purpose built appliances can be built for any type of application and work with cloud based desktop delivery solutions.

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