Deliver ANY software application
to ANY hardware environment!

We built Glassware 2.0 Protocol to deliver our Glassware 2.0 virtualized application to any hardware environment. In particular, we believe that any software application written in the last [30] years can be run via Glassware on any modern server and delivered to any device including chromebooks, tablets, phones, PCs and Macs.

Glassware blurs the line separating local device and server capabilities. Our approach allows a user to capture all the benefits of a virtualized application residing on the server while having access to local device functionality. Why not print locally from your Chromebook, or use 4 monitors with your virtualized PACS (healthcare imaging) system? Why not use Siri on your iPad to dictate directly into a Microsoft Word document? Why not pinch and zoom, use touch commands, add a Bluetooth keyboard or external mouse to your workspace.

We know that managing native clients for a variety of devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Mac) is cumbersome, so we built into Glassware the ability to access the software application running on a Glassware installed server from almost any browser with absolutely ZERO download. So once Glassware is loaded on a server and a software application is virtualized on that server, only the creation of a user name and password is required for any new user to access that software application.

Although the Glassware 2.0 Protocol is a truly protean piece of technology that can be used for a variety of purposes, we decided that the largest and most easily attacked market is virtualizing Windows applications that currently do not virtualize at all using current technology or virtualize in such an inefficient way as to be considered unfeasible either technically or financially. We can virtualize any application written for any version of Windows in a cost-effective way.

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