We are continually growing our application compatibility with Glassware 2.0.

Generally speaking, systems based on Glassware 2.0 should be able to run any Windows application that will run unmodified on a conventional Windows Server RDS-based platform. The following guidelines will help you in initial assessment of application compatibility. To ensure your application will successfully install, scale and provide a complete native application experience, be sure that your application meets the following compatibility guidelines:

  • Glassware 2.0 can run almost any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows application from Windows 95 to Windows 7. For greatest assurance of compatibility, applications must meet all of Microsoft’s certification requirements for Windows desktop apps and follows the Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services programming guidelines.
  • Glassware 2.0 can also run many legacy applications including 16-bit applications written for Windows 3.1. Legacy applications require packaging assistance from Sphere 3D Consulting and Integration Services.
  • Applications that require local database server installations or require database servers to run as a local service are not supported. Applications that make requests to remote (LAN/WAN) databases are supported.
  • Applications must be self-contained without any dependencies on secondary applications, unless they can be started by the primary application.
  • The current G-Series appliances – both the GW2000 appliance for on premises installation and the G-Series Cloud virtual appliances in Microsoft Azure, are optimized for productivity applications (primarily data entry type applications); graphics-intensive applications and applications delivering streaming video are not suitable for these appliances.

We have identified a small number of applications that do not run on Glassware 2.0 and are working with the application vendors to resolve these compatibility issues. If you require assistance in verifying a new application for use with any Glassware 2.0-based platform, please contact Sphere 3D Consulting and Integration Services; contact Customer Support or your sales representative.