There are a lot of initiatives today to put devices in the hands of every child in school so the entire system can assume the ability to connect and use those devices. It is very exciting and Sphere 3D is excited to play a role in making that happen. There are a number of options available for end user devices being delivered ranging from tablets like iPads, Microsoft’s Surface RT and Chromebooks being delivered with Google’s Chrome Operating System on it.

A need to be filled…

While these devices are great, there is one very obvious thing missing…

The ability to deliver Windows applications. There are a lot of curriculums which require the use of software written for Windows and in many cases there are solutions for communication which have been in place for a long time which are built on a Windows platform.

What is needed is a simple Windows application delivery method which can be dropped in allowing for existing staff and IT partners to deliver their applications with these new devices. It cannot require new training which might be assumed for an enterprise grade IT department. It cannot require a complete forklift of their existing infrastructure to deliver these services. It must simply deliver the Windows applications to the new devices such as Chromebooks in a simple way which does not require certifications or education which might hinder a deployment or create new risks associated with it.

Solution: Sphere 3D’s Glassware 2.0

Sphere 3D’s Glassware 2.0 technology allows for a simplified solution to enabling any mobile device strategy to be deployed for any educational market while allowing for Windows applications to be a part of the curriculum or entire strategy. With Glassware’s management technology, an application can be easily containerized in as little as six clicks. Because it is this simple, those that administer the new devices such as Chromebooks can benefit from dropping in appliances in key locations to handle the desired applications and total solution. Glassware’s clustering technology allows for appliances of any size designed for any application workload to be utilized and managed as one complete fabric. Being able to put appliances in assigned locations while clustering overcomes network barriers and delivers the most reliable, and fast experience possible without the need for complex architectures or components.

Once Glassware’s technology has been implemented, the applications can be integrated into workflow management of the school, district, or any other portal system which brings context into the workflow. Whether a parent, a teacher, a student, or administrator delivering an application which is integrated into the portal available as appropriate for each use case contextually. Having distributed appliances which are sized and purpose made for each applications usage, fully integrated into a school system’s desired workflow, end to end education is possible.

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