Everyone today talks about the Hybrid Cloud, yet to date there is no efficient way to put applications at the edge: in branch offices, schools, doctors’ offices, stores.  Usually the hybrid cloud for most people means the storage network only, or if the hybrid cloud is delivering applications, then it is simply replicating the main Datacenter installation in large regional locations.

Problems with Current Solutions Glassware 2.0 G-Series Solution
Too costly up to 75% total cost of ownership advantage
Too complex 6 clicks to virtualize an app means anyone who can use a smartphone can configure & use a Glassware 2.0 G-Series box
Can only virtualize 60-70% of the apps 95+%
Storage architecture has to mirror App Delivery architecture Can separate storage network from application delivery network in order to optimize both.

The following chart outlines the current application delivery architecture vs. Glassware 2.0.  Please note that Glassware 2.0 is completely contained within the office (true edge computing). 

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