The health care industry focuses on saving lives and facilitating critical patient needs. Technical solutions that address the requirements of medical professionals must simultaneously pass the rigor of flawlessly providing access to patient data while being easy to use.

In addition to traditional business requirements, IT staff that supports health care professionals are faced with even more complex challenges:

  • Highly-Graphical Applications. Doctors and other health care professionals access highly- graphical PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) applications to view medical images including x-rays, CT, and MRI scans. Image resolution cannot be compromised because it is required in order to properly diagnose patients.
  • Mobility. Medical professionals move extensively within hospitals and clinics, including on and off-campus locations. Minimal bandwidth availability is a core requirement for viewing images anywhere and anytime.
  • Security. Whether accessing critical information from an iPad while roving between patient rooms or from home at 2:00 AM during an emergency, secure access to all patient data is required in order to comply with HIPAA regulations.
  • Intuitiveness. Healthcare professionals are focused on patients and often don’t have the luxury of time for training to learn new technologies. They require tools that are intuitive and easy.

Many businesses and industries follow the technical trends adopted by health care, knowing that if a new technology surpasses the intense requirements of demanding health care users, it will easily succeed elsewhere.

In order to address the requirements of health care, virtualization can conceptually provide a suitable solution. However, the multitude of virtualization vendors and components can be overwhelming, and the need for a solution that is easy to administer and simple to maintain is a minimal requirement.

The Solution: Glassware 2.0 for Healthcare!

Sphere 3D has introduced Glassware™ in order to simplify application virtualization for ANY-sized organization. Users simply connect to their Glassware appliance to access their applications via JAVA, HTML5 or native local application. In addition, users have options to modify screen resolution, access clipboard, and other functionality.

Unlike complex traditional application virtualization solutions that require a myriad of expensive components and specialists to support them, Glassware makes it easy for businesses to make applications available to users securely and intuitively from an appliance-based architecture. Glassware has succeeded in blurring the lines between various hardware resources in order to meet the goal of hyper converged appliances that can exist anywhere within a distributed architecture. To address disaster recovery and failover, this allows purpose-built appliances to be clustered either physically or virtually.

In addition to Glassware being based on a single-component installation, the developers created the product such that it would approach application virtualization innovatively. While traditional vendors have designed virtualization solutions based on the full Windows Server and Remote Desktop functionality, Sphere 3D has decisively elected to remove the desktop from the virtual application equation. Instead, a para-virtualized container called a microvisor is used to associate the required components within the emulated Windows kernel. That microvisor approach can be further expanded by adding other emulators for chips in order to extend virtualization beyond traditional Windows applications if desired.

Easy. Simple. Fast. Three words that are not typically associated with virtualization solutions.

As industries struggle with effectively delivering applications to users with minimal complexity, the options had previously been limited to traditional virtualization solutions and cloud-based hosted applications. Glassware now offers a new approach that allows businesses to cost-effectively retain control of their applications with little IT effort.

Glassware can exceed the rigid expectations of health care by delighting business managers and users. What can Glassware do for you?

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