1. Before you do anything else it is essential that you register your appliance to activate your warranty. Technical and warranty support are not available until the warranty is active.

Go to http://gwsupport.sphere3d.com and select Register.

If you have already obtained a license for your G-Series appliance, enter it on the validation page, otherwise you may skip this step for the moment.

  1. If your G-Series appliance has already been racked in your data center, proceed to step 4. Otherwise download a copy of the appropriate G-Series Appliance Quick Start Guide and follow the step by step instructions to rack your G-Series appliance.
  2. Identify your G-Series Appliance’s Host Name or IP Address.

If your network has DHCP server and DNS server(s), the G-Series Appliance will obtain an initial IP address using DHCP and will use the appliance’s serial number as its host name.

If your network does not have DHCP server and DNS servers, power off the appliance, connect the included USB Wi-Fi Adaptor and power the appliance back on. Then follow the process detailed in Step 6 of the Quick Start Guide to connect using Wi-Fi Discovery.

  1. Open a browser and connect to your G-Series Appliance using the IP address or host name obtained in Step 4, and login using the default Administrator ID provided in the Admin Guide.
  2. The Initial Setup Wizard will now guide you through the remaining configuration steps.

For step-by-step help, see Chapter 2 of the G-Series Cloud Administrators Guide, and if you run into any problems during initial setup or subsequent operation of G-Series Cloud, you can contact gwsupport@sphere3d.com for further assistance.

  1. Review the Sphere 3D Glassware 2.0 Application Compatibility Guide and get ready to containerize and publish your first applications.