With V3’s Desktop Cloud Computing solution,
 the doctors do not get to use the zero client terminals because the nurses like them so much!  

– Hospital IT Administrator

The Challenge:

In the Healthcare industry, the most important metric is the quality of care provided to patients. This depends on how quickly care providers can access the data needed to provide the best and most responsive care possible.   Sphere 3D delivers the fastest and most flexible computing environment in the healthcare industry specifically designed to address key business drivers for healthcare IT delivery including:

  • Improving quality of patient care
  • Decreasing wait time
  • Increasing staff productivity
  • Protecting patient privacy and data
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA
  • Supporting a “practitioner flexible work-style” allowing access from a wide variety of devices and locations while ensuring high availability, performance and scalability
  • Simplifying the management of complex IT solutions while delivering high-quality services

Sphere 3D understands these needs and addresses them
with our Desktop Cloud Computing technology.

The Solution:

Sphere 3D’s role: how do we fit into the Healthcare environment?

Our Desktop Cloud Computing Appliances deliver 25 – 400 virtual Windows® desktops per unit, with guaranteed performance that is 2x – 8x faster than physical desktops. The server appliances elegantly integrate into an existing VMware infrastructure, providing the computing and local storage needed for hosting virtual desktops. We also offer Sphere 3D’s V3 Desktop Cloud Orchestrator software to simplify the creation, management and movement of dedicated virtual desktops, including policies for failover. This desktop management software aggregates key features that a desktop administrator would need from VMware’s vCenter and View into a centralized console.

What does this mean for you?

  • For care providers, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution helps  improve patient care by providing access  to your personal virtual desktop from any IT-approved device, allowing you to stay connected anytime, from anywhere with labs, offices, clinics, staff and patients.
  • For healthcare administrators, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution accelerates healthcare IT delivery, which allows providers to improve patient care and resulting outcome metrics, and enables staff to be more productive.
  • For IT administrators, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution offers simple deployment and centralized management with increased performance.

With Sphere 3D′s solution you can expect
to experience the following benefits:

The Results:

  • Reduced desktop login times by up to 50%
  • Quicker application and document loads resulting in faster virtual desktop performance
  • Ensured regulatory compliance through more controlled access and greater control of virtual datacenters  and cloud environments
  • Ensured Patient Privacy because sensitive data is rendered, and not stored, on end points
  • More controlled access and easier management with Sphere 3D’s V3 optimized technologies and management tools
  • Minimized downtime for administrative operations, upgrades, and maintenance

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