Sphere 3D’s integrated application virtualization solution for Computer Aided Design “CAD” dramatically increases performance and improves business efficiencies across engineering and design divisions.

Available on V3 converged infrastructure running hypervisor based virtualization or the industry-first windows container application virtualization solution- “Glassware 2.0™”. Coupled with the SnapScale® clustered NAS, organizations can revolutionize the way engineers, designers and CAD specialists create and collaborate on design projects; boosting productivity, enhancing performance and improving costs.

Boosts efficiencies, reduces turnaround times, and lowers cost!

“The integrated Sphere 3D approach to CAD virtualization and 3D rendering boosts team efficiencies, reduces project turnaround times, and lowers the cost of CAD-intensive operations. This ultimately contributes to improved design quality and responsiveness for industrial, commercial and institutional customers.”

Utilizing Virtualization for your Engineering Applications allows for:

  • Access to engineering applications from anywhere, including mobile devices;
  • Increased local performance;
  • Increased reliability with failover;
  • Seamless version control, patches and updates;
  • Multi-platform availability;
  • Data center level security, consistency and scaling.

The solution can be deployed on a single appliance, with integrated GPU hardware, and full 3D rendering capabilities, coupled with a SnapScale clustered NAS. This allows for application performance that is measurably faster than that of physical desktops while eliminating islands of storage, enabling easy and affordable scaling without having to predict capacity in advance. Additionally, the SnapScale clustered NAS writes data simultaneously across multiple nodes and drives for instant protection and high availability, ensuring no single point of failure.

With this use case, engineering and design teams will be able to access and collaborate on massive 2D and 3D files without the painful wait times normally associated with design application startup and rendering functions.

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