Miles & Stockbridge Finally Finds a Solution For their Virtual Computing Needs

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The Challenge

Ken Adams, CIO at Miles & Stockbridge – a law firm with eight offices located within the mid-Atlantic region – has always been at the forefront of virtualization technology adoption. Hoping to create a functional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Adams tested and installed multiple forms of virtualization software and hardware. Despite using the latest in virtualization technology, each implementation failed to live up to its billing and the promise of VDI was broken. Remote workers could log in and work on virtual machines but employees often complained about slow speeds, latency and video not being supported. This new technology actually made it difficult to watch depositions and other case-related media. These problems resulted in decreased productivity and reduced employee satisfaction.To make matters worse, each new implementation required Adams to manage multiple platforms (VMware, Citrix, LogMeIn), which cost the IT Department additional time and money.

The Solution

Adams first met V3 Systems at VMworld in August 2010 where the company was demonstrating its technology. What Adams saw excited him, as did V3’s claim that they could solve his speed and performance issues. Adams remained skeptical, right up to the point when V3 shipped him a V3 Appliance to test.  Shortly after testing, Adams purchased two V3 Appliances and began rolling them out to the firm’s training center. “We do a lot of training at the law firm, and we are now using virtual desktops in that training and the users are getting better performance,” said Adams. “The users are very happy and make the comment that these virtual desktops are faster than the ones they use in the office.” Due to this success, Adams and his team started migrating more employees who needed to work remotely onto the virtual desktops.

Currently Miles & Stockbridge has 50 people using virtual desktops, but is in the process of another rollout that will increase the total to 100 people. Adams also stated that he has big plans for virtualizing more desktops and intends on buying more appliances to support that initiative.  Adams is using VMware software to manage its virtual desktops on the V3 Appliance, but has indicated that another feature that excites him about V3 Systems’ products is that the V3 hardware and V3 Optimized Technologies™ will allow him to do much more with virtualization software.

The Result

“Once we got the appliance from V3 Systems we tried it with our workstations and it worked great,” said Adams.

"The performance was night and day better than what we were using in the past. We get the video performance that we need. We get the sound performance that we need."

− Ken Adams, CIO at Miles & Stockbridge

Adams continued: “In the past when workers needed to remote access the network, they were reluctant to do so because it was so slow. But with the V3 Appliance, now people actually like to access the network remotely because of the speed of these virtual machines.”

“The V3 Appliance will make all these other software-based products work now,” said Adams. “I know because I’ve tried many of them, but having this piece of hardware as the base for all of them, I have no doubt it will work.” Adams concludes: “There’s nothing to manage. That’s one of the great benefits of this appliance. I have not had to manage anything. It’s a very simple product to use. As soon as we put it in place we could see the difference right away.”

About V3 Systems

V3 Systems revolutionizes the speed, ease, deployment and even the size of the infrastructure required for Virtual Desktops. V3 appliances host sets of 50-400 virtual desktops on either VMware View or Citrix. All virtual desktops installed on V3 Systems’ Appliances are 2-8x faster than local desktops, giving companies the fastest virtual desktops on the market. V3 Systems achieves this level of speed through patent-pending technologies, and innovative software features that manage as well as enable the V3 Appliances to deliver Replacement Grade Virtual Desktops. Utilizing V3’s technologies and configurations, the OS/hypervisor layers and systems manageability yield previously unobtainable performance and system efficiency. V3 Systems serves as the vanguard and source for Enterprise Desktop Replacement Grade Virtual Desktops providing unparalleled reliability, manageability and security, while maximizing our End User’s experience and ROI.

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