Move Your Applications to the Cloud

Glassware makes it simple to take any software application from the last thirty years and move it to a server, either in your office or in the cloud. It then provides you with access to that software from any device – All without you ever having to write or translate any code.

We accomplish this with a type of software technology known as a container – a technology that aims to take computing beyond virtualization.

A container refers to software that takes an application and all the things it needs to run and encapsulates them within a software container. This way you can run 1 or 1000’s of them from a single server and on a single copy of the operating system.

Why use Glassware…

  • allows virtual applications to share the things they have in common – making them very “light”
  • provides greater scale – anywhere from 2 to 20 times that of existing virtualization techniques;
  • Glassware containerized applications have direct access to the underlying hardware – this permits the software to perform exactly the way it was originally designed– even if was originally intended for a desktop, mobile phone or a server;
  • access to the actual hardware (bare metal), containers allow for complex software to be virtualized – a problem with about 30% of all software
  • a glassware technology called a microvisor allows for other operating systems other than Microsoft to run in containers as well
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