The Challenge

In the Legal and Accounting professions, the most important metric is revenue generating productivity without compromising security or accuracy. Sphere 3D maximizes revenue generating opportunities by delivering the fastest, most flexible computing environment in the industry while improving accessibility and security. Sphere 3D’s professional customers successfully address and resolve key business drivers for IT delivery that include:

  • Providing professionals with secure access to all applications and personal documents anytime, anywhere
  • Protecting client privacy and data
  • Increasing staff productivity and client responsiveness
  • Providing access to industry-standard professional resources (such as the United States Code, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)) forms, documents, and applications
  • Ensuring system-wide compliance with software versions and security updates
  • Supporting a “professional flexible work-style,” allowing access from a wide variety of locations and devices (corporate and user-owned) , while ensuring high availability, performance and scalability
  • Simplifying the management of complex IT solutions while delivering high-quality services

Sphere 3D understands these needs and addresses them
with our Desktop Cloud Computing technology.

The Solution

Sphere 3D’s role: how do we fit into the Professional Services environment?

Our Desktop Cloud Computing Appliances deliver 25 – 400 virtual Windows® desktops per unit, with guaranteed performance that is 2x – 8x faster than physical desktops. The server appliances elegantly integrate into an existing VMware infrastructure, providing the computing and local storage needed for hosting virtual desktops. We also offer Sphere 3D’s Desktop Cloud Orchestrator software to simplify the creation, management and movement of dedicated virtual desktops, including policies for failover. This desktop management software aggregates key features that a desktop administrator would need from VMware’s vCenter and View into a centralized console.

What does this mean for you?

  • For business partners, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution helps you increase the firm’s productivity, billable hours and profitability by providing legal and accounting professionals with always-on secure access to their high-performance personal virtual desktops, applications and data, from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • For lawyers, accountants and staff, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution helps you increase client responsiveness and personal productivity by giving you secure access to your high-performance personal virtual desktop, applications and personal data from any IT-approved device (thin-client, laptop or iPad). You can log into your personal desktop and access data, whether you are at the office, home, client’s office, courtroom, document collection sites or anywhere else with Internet access. This increases your flexibility and provides better work-life balance.
  • For IT administrators, Sphere 3D’s V3 solution offers simple deployment and centralized management with increased performance.

The Results: With Sphere 3D’s V3 solution you can
expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Quicker application and document loads, resulting in faster virtual desktop performance
  • Enhanced security through controlled access and greater control of virtual datacenters and cloud environments
  • Ensured Client Privacy because sensitive data is not stored on end points
  • Supports the flexible work style and personalized work environment that professionals need
  • Single virtual desktop provides secure access to all applications and personal documents
  • More controlled access and easier management with Sphere 3D’s V3 optimized technologies and management tools
  • Minimized downtime for administrative operations, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Decreased support costs through central management of software versioning, product upgrades and software patches
Case Study: Miles & Stockbridge

"In the past workers were reluctant to access their virtual desktops remotely because it was so slow. But with the V3 Appliance, now people actually like to access the network remotely because of the speed of these virtual machines."

− Ken Adams, CIO at Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

"The performance was night and day better than what we were using in the past. We get the video performance that we need. We get the sound performance that we need."

− Ken Adams, CIO at Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

"It’s a very simple product to use. As soon as we put it in place we could see the difference right away."

− Ken Adams, CIO at Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

Ken Adams, CIO at Miles & Stockbridge — a law firm with eight offices located within the mid-Atlantic region — has always been at the forefront of virtualization technology adoption. After much frustration with traditional VDI, Miles & Stockbridge decided to try the V3 Desktop Cloud Computing by Sphere 3D. With much excitement Adams says, “the performance was night and day better than what we were using in the past.” Adams says that he not only has given his remote users the same experience as they once had in the office, but also a better experience.

Sphere 3D offers the V3 virtual desktop appliance that hosts anywhere from 25-400 virtual desktops. Sphere 3D prides itself in its simple, out of the box, VDI solution and guarantees that every virtual desktop hosted on the V3 appliance will run 2-8X faster than a physical desktop.

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