The Sphere 3D solution for health care has two components currently available and a partnership which adds to that the storage offerings of Overland storage, including a scalable storage offering which can be scaled anywhere in the world and still offer clustered storage so high availability and failover. The health care offering includes a VDI solution with hyper conversion appliances from the V3 product lines including the V100, V200, and V50 as well as the V3 Desktop Cloud Orchestrator so that within health care people who are managing physical work stations today can migrate and still have a guaranteed performance from being on premise that a physical desktop could offer but get all of the benefits of a virtual desktop offering as well as being able to offer something that physical workstations can’t which is a guaranteed failover should something happen into a cloud offering from either another hospital within the hospital network, or for a managed service provider offering that, like might be the case with a Novarad as an example. See the Novarad use case for that. Another additional offering is containerized applications for healthcare. This can be for the many applications which might be contained in a healthcare portal and legacy applications on Windows being put in a portal using the Glassware technology stack which ranges from the protocol, microvisor, the containers, management, and clustering and being offered to simply take an application which was written for Windows for healthcare, putting it in a Windows container and being able to offer that similarly to any device anywhere, ending “end of life” for that. No need to worry anymore for things like Windows 9 coming out and end of life in Windows XP. Simply containerize the application, focus on features and ability, have availability to every device anywhere for your solution. Again see the Novarad solution for that which takes advantage of that for being able to have application mobility as well as guaranteed up time.