Education is a very exciting vertical for Sphere 3D. The need for a simplified management experience for virtualized applications is prolific as qualified people to use existing enterprise rate tools simply do not do the job and are too expensive and out of reach to be able to deliver a legacy application experience based on Windows which is taught in every school ranging from K-12 all the way into higher education. There are primarily in education two solutions which can take advantage of our Glassware technology today and Glassware technology stack. Chromebooks happens to be one very big one that is being focussed by Google and we are seeing a lot of adoption to that. We are a simple experience for virtualizing legacy applications to be able to still teach and use Windows tools such as Microsoft Office, as well as niche applications like Istation and autocad and other technologies taught currently in schools ???that when we deploy chromebooks you need another way to do??? Glassware simply containerizes those applications uses the simplified management technology to allow IT providers to operate in 6 clicks. For apple products it works the same way, this is very common in higher ed, and being able to again provide a simplified user experience as well as management experience where you can virtualize whatever applications you want but be able to do it. So whether you are bringing your own device or you’re issuing your own devices that happen to not support legacy Windows applications, Glassware technology fills that gap and simply makes it easy with containerization.