Sphere 3D has solutions for organizations in almost any vertical that want to deliver the flexibility, agility and performance that our End User Component Architectures provide. Some of those verticals include healthcareeducationgovernment, and financial services. In addition, many Managed service providers can deliver the products and technologies which Sphere 3D offers in any configuration of End User Component Architecture, ranging from application containerization to desktop virtualization. Through the recently announced mergerof Overland Storage, we will be adding a wide array of award winning storage solutions including industry leading clustered and distributed storage offerings.

HealthcareIn healthcare we deliver V3 hyper-converged infrastructure for VDI with virtual desktop management, provisioning and automation technology. We also deliver solutions derived from our proprietary application virtualization technology, Glassware 2.0.

Education – In the education vertical we deliver Glassware 2.0 application virtualization for students and V3 hyper-converged infrastructure for staff and higher education needs. Our approach allows for a unique value proposition and technology capability that aligns with current initiatives in education for Chromebooks, Tablets, and affordable nextgen Notebooks.

Government – In government, we are uniquely equipped to respond to needs that range from mainframe migration to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Windows applications.

Data Centers – Our MSP or Managed Service Provider solutions include everything required for turnkey distributed hyper converged virtual desktop and application infrastructure. We are the industry’s only provider of an End User Component Architecture with the ability optimize the allocation of storage, network and compute for the best possible user experience and system performance.

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