Peter Tassiopoulos – Glassware 2.0 available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace; Official Launch coming

Peter Tassiopoulos – Glassware 2.0 / Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Sphere 3D set out to accomplish something very special when we began our journey. We wanted to change the way people migrate and deliver Windows applications from the cloud. We trademarked “any app, any device, anytime” and made it our mantra. Well, we are pleased to say that today marks an exciting milestone for Sphere 3D’s Glassware 2.0™ application container technology.  We are announcing the first Glassware image (G-Series Cloud) is now available for fast deployment from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Now, let’s be clear, this is not our official launch and there are more features coming but its production ready and we welcome customers to take it for a spin and contact us with feedback

Users can browse the Azure Marketplace and select a G-Series Cloud Server image to easily provision a VM with the latest G-Series Cloud container technology pre-installed and running on the Azure infrastructure. Of Course, you can still choose to go the Exosphere hybrid route for larger enterprise class deployments, or if you need access to GPU support before Azure makes it available early in 2016.

Glassware 2.0 containerization technology does not require a full desktop OS or Guest OS to run on the server; instead relying on the OS kernel only. Our container technology provides abstraction from the underlying desktop OS allowing applications to be seamlessly and securely delivered to almost all endpoint devices without any code changes. We currently have iOS, Android and Chromebook clients or access available from Java enabled browsers; HTML browser support is on its way as well. This proprietary technology allows Glassware 2.0 powered solutions to deliver significant density and cost advantages over traditional Remote Desktop Service (RDS) based solutions.

The G-Series Cloud, makes it easy to get started on Glassware 2.0 containerization of Windows based applications and is optimized for productivity applications. Users can choose from VMs that support a few users, to VMs that can run up to 1000 applications concurrently.

These VM makes getting started and running Glassware application containers for Windows end user applications on Azure Virtual Machines easy; another milestone in our ongoing work with Microsoft. This sets the stage for additional Glassware 2.0 based images, including those that will support GPU workloads, to come later in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

To get started using Glassware in Azure, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to Microsoft Azure portal

Azure Marketplace can be accessed directly from Azure Management portal ( – the new Azure preview portal. Click on “+New” and in the search field, enter “G-Series”.

Peter Tassiopoulos - Glassware 2.0 / Microsoft Azure Marketplace

 Step 2: Select the G-Series Cloud image

Peter Tassiopoulos - Glassware 2.0 / Microsoft Azure Marketplace

 Step 3: Click Create

Peter Tassiopoulos - Glassware 2.0 / Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Step 4: Enter basic information about the Glassware 2.0 VM to be created or accept defaults:

Peter Tassiopoulos - Glassware 2.0 / Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Step 5: Login to Glassware 2.0 administration console once created

Note: After just a few minutes and the VM shows in running state (as shown in Virtual Machine status page below), you can now login to the Glassware 2.0 Administration web page to containerize and publish your application by using a Java enabled web browser. Copy the assigned IP address into the web browser and login with the default admin credentials, for further details please follow this link:

The complete getting started guide can be found at or Watch the get started video at:  

You are now ready to add your applications. We support 32 and 64 bit Windows applications with almost automated provisioning of applications through the admin panel. For 16 bit applications or non-Windows applications, we can help you create your container through our professional services.

Through our new approach to containerization, migrating applications to the cloud and delivering them at scale just got easier with our new integration of G-Series Cloud in the Azure Marketplace. So go ahead and move some applications to Glassware 2.0 enabled containers powered by Microsoft Azure!

Written By: Peter Tassiopoulos – Glassware 2.0 / Microsoft Azure Marketplace