Grow with Your Storage Needs

We are witnessing a data explosion and taming that data represents an enormous challenge for IT departments.

“Over the next decade (by 2020), IT departments worldwide will experience [growth of] 10 times the number of servers (virtual and physical), 50 times the amount of information to be managed, [and] 75 times the number of files or containers that encapsulate the information in the digital universe, which is growing even faster than the information itself, as more and more embedded systems, such as sensors in clothing, in bridges, or medical devices, come online.” IDC

Where does all this data go? There is more than we know what to do with!

Storage has changed, it is not just about spinning disks, tape, HDDs, SSDs or any of the other underlying technologies to which we store the data on anymore.

It’s about having intelligent software than can give you access to what you need when you need it.

It’s about the software that is on the storage appliances, and the software which allows simple management, and retrieval of your data so that you can have your information available at all times.

Sphere 3D’s storage technology is built on 35 years of technological innovation. With a broad portfolio of solutions underpinned by proprietary Sphere 3D software, organizations can package data how it is needed and can securely deliver data to where it is most needed at scale; whether “on premise”, distributed locally, or in the cloud.

Managing data, from the time it is created, to when it is shared and analyzed, to when it is archived s enables organizations to tame their data.

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