Smaller Locations

V3 FLEX Node Appliances are designed for locations with as few as 10 users. Because these appliances are for the smallest and simplest of environments, they utilize VMware technology to provide virtual desktops offline.  This way, users can have access to their desktops on local machines, even when the Internet or Flex Node appliance is unavailable. V3 FLEX Nodes appliances are also simple to manage. Any person who can manage a physical desktop or smartphone can manage and maintain a V3 FLEX Node Appliance.

V3 FLEX Nodes integrate our G-Series product family, which utilize Glassware 2.0 containerization technology to deliver apps at significantly increased density of applications per core.

Like all our appliances, V3 FLEX Nodes are pre-configured for workload optimization by type of worker and number of workers.

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