The V3 Optimized Desktop Allocation (ODA) technology is the first and only technology that allows for hyper-converged appliances to be delivered in a distributed fashion. When delivering VDI experiences on-premise, one of the first obstacles you will run into is dealing with latency and failover. ODA componentizes everything about a virtual desktop which is then delivered to the user. Once a virtual desktop is componentized, resources, whether persistent or non-persistent, are made available anywhere to any pool. The pool can be located either on the same appliance as the original, or anywhere in the world.

Starting at the time of provisioning, a virtual desktop is built for a given user or pool. ODA uses that provisioning information and componentizes it. ODA then componentizes the virtual resources that are specific to the individual user. Once virtual resources of the pool and the individual are componentized a developer or our management technology can build a policy that will replicate those components to any location or any hyper-converged appliance, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a managed service provider offering this as a service, or delivering solutions in health care, education, professional firms, and government, the ability to provide failover is another function of ODA technology. In addition ODA, which is embedded within our Desktop Cloud Orchestration software, the next version (2.5), has the ability to provide a temporarily upgraded experience on an appliance that is highly optimized for that experience or in a pool that is optimized for that experience.   One example is being able to recognize when a user would benefit from a dedicated GPU vs shared GPUs. Rather than having an IT admin create a new pool or change the settings for that users, ODA enables the automatic replication of the end user components to another pool, in this case with a dedicated GPU, to allow for the user to temporarily gain the performance enhancement. Once the user no longer requires the additional resources, ODA replicates back to the original desktop experience.

ODA technology eliminates the need for over provisioning, and provides an optimized experience powers virtual desktops that consistently outperform physical workstation equivalents. The optimized desktop allocation technology is a fundamental technology within the V3 Desktop Orchestrator product line which is included with the V3 appliances, our hyper-converged appliances for VDI; including the V100, V200, and V50

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