Our V3 appliance delivers virtual desktops with a VMWare hypervisor.  We are qualitatively different from our competitors who offer what are called hyperconverged appliances.  All their boxes, though they have different colors of bright and shiny lipstick on, are structurally the same and offer a connection to a proprietary storage network.  V3 is fundamentally different.  Our secret sauce is that our boxes connect locally to local storage.  There is no storage network required.  See what that means for cost, reliability and ease of management.

Our Technology Advantage

What That Means For You

  • Faster than Physical Desktops
  • More Cost Effective than Other Virtual Solutions
  • Built for Physical Desktop Admins
  • Scalable AND Fast
  • Purpose Built for Multi-site Deployments
  • Autonomous Resource Scheduling

Faster than Physical Desktops.

Computing power is more efficient on a server than on multiple physical desktops.  By removing the performance bottleneck of an attached, proprietary storage network, V3 provides blazing fast performance, 2-8x faster than physical desktops.

Of course, we are faster than our virtual competitors.

More Cost Effective than Other Virtual Solutions

Never mind the savings on the specialized staff you’ll need with other solutions.  Those solutions also require at least 3 servers to deliver the first user.  Then you scale up a server at a time.  We start with 1 server.

Also with competitors you’ll be buying storage at prices as high as $20 per gigabyte.  Explain that to your CEO whose kids are using Dropbox for free at home.

Built for Physical Desktop Admins

Our Desktop Cloud Orchestrator is a single pane of glass management system that is built with the physical desktop administrator in mind.  If you can manage a physical desktop (install patches, install and install apps, etc.), then you can manage one or more V3s.  With the time you save, you can think of ways to tune your system better, make your life easier and save money for your company!  We have some ideas for you involving Glassware 2.0 G-Series and SnapCloud.

Scalable AND Fast

Our competitors see a decline in speed every time they scale or they need to create a new network that adds management complexity.  We do not.  Our Technology Advantage means that we can Scale AND Perform.  Our competitors’ customers need to choose one.  God forbid they need to place another site far from the main one.

Purpose Built for Multi-site Deployments

Our DCO technology allows for site to site fail over.  Our competitors can only put redundancy at the site level.  They do it with brute strength by requiring the purchase of at least 3 servers at each location.  V3 fails over from one site to another.  For example, at a 3 site deployment, our competitors will need 9 servers minimum and will have at most 100% redundancy within each site.  With V3 you will need only 3 servers and will have n-1 redundancy (3-1) or 200% redundancy.  As the number of sites scale, V3 becomes more cost effective and more reliable than our competitors.  V3 has no restriction on distance between sites.

Autonomous Resource Scheduling

Use only the hardware that you need.  If a user requires more processing power (CPU or GPU) for a certain task, then the user can allocate more resources for that task.  This ability can significantly reduce the cost of your entire Virtual Desktop deployment.