V3′s Simplified Pool Orchestration (“SPO”) is the management framework which simplifies the virtual desktop experience.

V3 was the first solution to recognize the need to simplify virtual desktop management so that physical desktop administrators could easily deploy and manage VDI technology.

SPO technology is a web based management technology that can be hosted anywhere and orchestrates the individual components of a desktop experience as well as exposes the management APIs. These API”S can be utilized by a devops team to create additional integration of the desktop experience into third party portals, or third party management or reporting tools for big data type analytics of the desktop experience. The SPO technology is fully integrated into the v3 desktop cloud orchestrator, it’s what it uses for the web based UI, which is also included in all of the v3 appliances (v100, v200, and v50).

When used in combination with other technologies, such as Sphere 3D’s V3 optimized desktop allocation technology, you can be guaranteed to connect to the virtual desktop experience that’s closest to you and fastest for you; while providing a simple interface for IT directors, administrators or managed service providers to provision, allocate resources, and take advantage of the policies that optimized desktop allocation technology will enforce.

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