The V3 technologies for VDI are designed to empower organizations to deploy the first and only distributed architecture of hyper-converged appliances. Currently all V3 appliances have an integrated management tool called the Desktop Cloud Orchestrator.

The V3 technologies for VDI include an optimized desktop allocation technology and a simplified pool orchestration technology.

The optimized desktop allocation technology is used to capture the component pieces of an individual’s desktop experience in a virtual desktop environment and replicate them from one location to another, based on need. It allows the provisioning of failover or it can be used to intelligently provide a temporary upgraded experience, based on the application usage or user requirements.

The simplified pool orchestration technology is used for simplified management as well as exposing APIs for outside developers or devops teams to integrate management of a virtual desktop experience within a specific workflow or for a specific vertical, such as healthcare, education, financial services, and government.

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