V3 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Saves the Day!

Eileen Elam, Director of Corporate Communications

When the CEO of your company asks you to help create a presentation on his behalf, you jump on it immediately. But what happens when your laptop implodes?

This is what happened to me the other day, when I was at the office. The memory on my laptop tapped out and the machine was running so slow that I couldn’t open up my Hootsuite social media project management software via Chrome at the same time as my email. It was taking me 15 minutes just to access my account.

All day I was in crisis mode and I didn’t have a moment to spare. But then – another problem – my laptop refused to open or download any emails from Outlook. Time was ticking and I was faced with the hard truth: I must relinquish my PC to IT. Yet, the CEO needed his presentation by that evening and it was already 12:30.

I raced home and set to work on my own personal laptop from there. To help me access my data, I had IT help me get it connected to our V3 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that Sphere 3D has successfully been selling to the market for a number of years. (I have to admit, I didn’t use it previously because I like having folders on my desktop vs. on our “H: Drive”…apparently Steve Jobs’ “folders on a desktop” mission had left an impact! Yet, it became apparent that I could give that up in order to have the data I needed at my fingertips.) Needless to say, it literally took just minutes to get on V3; the actual downloading of the software only took 15 seconds. I could have done it by myself, but Eleazar, our IT expert has the patience of a saint, and was willing to hold my hand.

Now that I had V3 installed, I needed to access my folders on my work PC which was in Eleazar’s hands at the office. All he had to do was move all of the folders from the desktop and put them on a secure network H: drive, our company’s private Cloud.

I had everything I needed within minutes. And the best part was that my virtual desktop on my home laptop looked exactly like my work desktop, so navigation was simple. The most impressive part was that my Outlook was identical, with all folders in exactly the same place as I am accustomed to seeing.

Through the VDI, I pulled all of the necessary information I needed from my archives and presentation templates. Then I drafted the new content and delivered the new presentation to our CEO on time via my work Outlook email which I accessed via the V3 VDI. Mission accomplished, whew!

Another side benefit is that the VDI actually runs faster than my regular desktop. I’m never going back!  Moreover, I never need to worry about bringing my work PC home again.

I am now a fully-fledged advocate of our V3 VDI. It truly saved the day!