Virtual Desktops Are Faster Than Physical Desktops

Mobility, desktop virtualization, cloud; these have all been topics that have been talked about for the past several years and are redefine the way we work.

However, in the majority of cases, virtual desktop solutions are complex…

But it doesn’t need to be!

We all know that virtual desktop technology can help most organizations conduct business more securely and efficiently. But there are still organizations that don’t think it’s the right choice for them, often because of unpredictability of the upfront financial investment or fears of an end-user backlash due to performance loss, not to mention the perceived complexity. This is why Sphere 3D has taken all the necessary hardware and software needed to run the fastest possible virtual desktops, and packaged them into a single appliance (a kind of server) . These appliances are part of Sphere 3D’s V3 series of Desktop Cloud Computing appliances (the “vSeries”) The vSeries is an industry leader, and the first in hyperconverged appliances that were designed to remove the complexity and create a drop-in approach to achieving all the benefits of VDI. Even in the most demanding circumstances that require powerful computing capabilities, V3’s vSeries of Desktop Cloud Computing appliances answer the needs of users.

Using V3 to just deliver desktops and, more specifically resource intensive workloads, on virtual desktops is just the start. To manage this infrastructure we help you with Sphere 3D’s Desktop Cloud Orchestrator® (DCO). DCO is software which provides a simple user-friendly interface for managing virtual desktop pools on vSeries Appliances. It was created to aggregate key features that a desktop administrator would need into one centralized console, leaving out the items that a desktop administrator does not use.

By deploying DCO along with vSeries Appliances, desktop administrators can quickly create, move, delete and manage desktop pools without requiring extensive knowledge of a virtualization technology, thus freeing up senior IT staff to work on more complicated projects. In addition to offering flexible pool creation and management, DCO provides policy-based pool movement administration for failover.

Benefits of DCO

  • Saves Money and Time – The learning curve for DCO is minimal, which results in saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on having to learn an array of new products and applications.
  • DCO aggregates key virtualization features into one common user-friendly interface providing the ability to manage thousands of virtual desktops without having to become an expert on multiple fronts.
  • Fast Failover/Pool Movement – While other virtualization technology is available for server failover, DCO uses Sphere 3D’s patent pending Optimized Desktop Allocation technology to move pools from one Appliance to another and eliminates many complexities and limitations tied to distance between sites and time lost during failures.

Virtual Desktops don’t have to be complex! Use V3 Desktop Cloud Computing appliances and move the desktop from the legacy devices in your enterprise and give them the ability to be accessed on any mobile device from your premises or the cloud.

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