Sphere 3D’s patent pending Desktop Cloud Computing product line of hardware appliances was purpose built and custom tuned to finally deliver on the industry’s original promise of VDI—a no compromise, next generation of VDI we call Desktop Cloud Computing (DCC).

Sphere 3D offers a wide range of appliances with densities ranging from 50 to 200 virtual Windows desktops per appliance to exactly fit your organization’s needs.

  • Each appliance ships ready to drop into an existing VMware environment within just a few minutes.
  • Easy scalability, reduced management costs, and elimination of VDI performance bottlenecks.
  • End users enjoy the benefits of working on virtual desktops guaranteed to run two to eight times faster than physical desktops.

Sphere 3D’s Desktop Cloud Computing Appliance is the product of four years’ worth of R&D efforts focused solely on one goal—to provide the ultimate desktop virtualization experience for the end user.

V3 Desktop Appliance

Why Desktop Cloud Computing (DCC)?

Businesses that deploy virtual desktops have been forced to accept the compromises of legacy VDI in order to take advantage of VDI’s benefits. While offering IT departments an easy solution to security and manageability concerns, this trade off results in unhappy end users, slower-than-physical-PC virtual desktop performance, and unpredictable expensive SAN upgrades to keep pace when scaling up the number of VDI users.

Desktop Cloud Computing deployments also takes the risk out of estimating upfront and future CAPEX costs by eliminating unpredictable SAN variables thus providing fixed initial deployment costs and known future cost-to-scale expenditures as your organization grows.

With legacy VDI, many organizations quickly hit a SAN bottleneck as the VDI initiative moves from pilot-project stage to full deployment. A Desktop Cloud Computing deployment maintains consistent levels of performance for all users regardless of scale.

Desktop Cloud Computing Benefits:

Guaranteed Fast, Consistent Performance
Sphere 3D guarantees each and every user on a Desktop Cloud Computing appliance will experience 2 to 8 times faster performance compared to an average desktop PC.

Flexible Work-styles
Desktop Cloud Computing deployment empowers IT professionals to offer end users the flexible work-styles they demand, while addressing chaos management, generated by the wide range of devices and cloud technologies required to support today’s on-demand world.

Lower TCO
Total cost of ownership over multiple years is significantly reduced by replacing high-density disk arrays and separate compute components with more cost-efficient Desktop Cloud Computing appliances.

Predictable Costs
Sphere 3D takes the risk out of desktop virtualization cost estimating by eliminating unknown variables. With a Desktop Cloud Computing appliance, you get guaranteed performance at a fixed cost per user that predictably scales as you grow.

Easy to Scale
Just add additional Desktop Cloud Computing appliances to your existing infrastructure as you grow.

Happy Users
Sphere 3D customers rave over how much happier their employees are using fast virtual desktops. In addition to achieving quantifiable levels of increased productivity, users love being able to access their virtual desktops from almost any location on a wide range of devices.

Desktop Cloud Computing Features:

Patent-pending Unique Appliance Architecture
No one else in the industry offers hardware on par with the purpose-built Sphere 3D Desktop Cloud Computing Appliance. All Desktop Cloud Computing appliances utilize built-in Sphere 3D-certified local solid-state NAND Flash storage directly addressable via the PCIe or SATA bus. By keeping (not just caching) OS and temp files closer to the CPU, throughput latency is reduced by an order of magnitude compared to traditional SAN/NAS-based VDI offerings. This local-storage architecture combined with a bevy of other hardware/software modifications delivers the fastest virtual desktops on the market today.

Available Unified Management
All Sphere 3D Desktop Cloud Computing Appliances ship equipped to communicate with Sphere 3D’s Desktop Cloud Orchestrator software offering everything a desktop administrator needs for day-to-day management of your organization’s virtual desktops aggregated into one secure, centralized console.

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