Within the Sphere 3D Healthcare solution are two components:

the v3 virtual desktop technology and products for virtual desktop management provisioning and specifically hyper-converged appliances for distributed environments, as well as glassware technology for ubiquitous application availability on [remote devices] any mobile device. When we talk about the virtual desktop scenario this is particularly valuable for those healthcare ISVs and solution providers, including managed service providers of any kind, who are currently managing physical workstations. This is both common [in place] and prolific (see radiology solution from Novarad to see an example to see what we did with Novaglass for that).

Simply being able to migrate from physical computers where they’re expensive, they have high end graphics cards and things like that, to being able to take advantage of a drop-in distributed architecture v3 appliance where you drop in a hyper-converged appliance for VDI… we have three offerings (v100, v200, and v50) that are sized for the number of users at a given location and performance that you would like… and you drop them in on location or close to where you are … being able to offer offline access, being able to then marry those to a complete solution for failover that can be located anywhere in the world. [and] Providing a simple management for that allows for any healthcare solution provider, whether they are simply managing their own software or as a complete stack they can offer a new virtual desktop offering as opposed to physical desktop offering for healthcare… changing everything.