What You Didn’t Know About VDI—Ensure You Get the Right Solution for Your Business

Peter Bookman, Global Strategist, Sphere 3DPeter Bookman, Global Strategist, Sphere 3D

Virtual desktops are amazing in that they can optimize performance for the end users. Yet, if not implemented correctly, they can bring productivity to a halt, and result in the loss of productivity and soaring costs. At the root of most failed VDI deployments is a slow, complex infrastructure that is unable to meet the performance needs of users. Selecting the right storage architecture is one of the keys to a successful VDI environment and solving the infrastructure puzzle.

In our last blog, “Distributed Desktop HyperConvergence – The Liberation of the Physical Desktop” we introduced a hyperconverged architecture that can help businesses adopt a distributed approach to VDI. Whether you have a few dozen employees or thousands, Sphere 3D’s V3 VDI provides a cost-effective solution with maximum performance. We will be sharing more about that soon, as we continue this VDI architecture blog series.  In the interim, please see our presentation, “V3 Storage Architecture Overview and Implications for VDI.”  This provides some key learnings before choosing your next VDI vendor.  Whether starting from scratch or expanding on your existing VDI deployment, you need to consider the following:

  • Storage architectures to handle OS and temp data
  • Performance, scaling and management costs
  • Optimal storage architectures for user and application data

Ensure you get the right VDI for your organization

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