Hyper-converged Infrastructure: An SSG-NOW Outlook Report featuring Sphere 3D’s V3 VDI Solutions

SSG-NOW, a leading industry analyst firm, has published a new report describing the driving issues, trends, history and key features of hyper-converged infrastructure. This report also discusses Sphere 3D’s V3 VDI platform, including the V50, V100 and V200 virtual desktop appliances, as best practice examples for the implementation of hyper-converged systems.

For the last several years, the adoption of hyper-converged systems has been slow due to a lack of market knowledge and education about exactly how HCS can be leveraged to save companies time and money in their application infrastructure. Enterprise IT customers are realizing that their traditional data center design practices may be in need of an update. The ability to dynamically move virtual workloads, as well as the ability to add or remove application capacity and performance by deploying or re-deploying hyper-converged systems as needed creates a flexible, scalable, robust computing environment for enterprises.

Download this free SSG-NOW report to learn more about hyper-converged systems and Sphere 3D’s V3 hyper-converged solutions.

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