Sphere 3D’s Glassware 2.0® utilizes containers and Microvisors to deliver virtualization of any windows application with just 6 clicks.

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Cloud And Virtualization: A Magic Combination For Entrepreneurs

ForbesVirtualization Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows executives, employees and collaborators to access data from a range of devices in a way that allows growing companies to support their employees ability to work from any computer, anytime and anywhere. VDI supports strong internal controls on applications and information, to allow for protection of confidential data on an as-needed basis across on-premises and off-premises environments. It is also a good solution for organizations employing  “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) programs that allow employees to use their own hardware to accomplish company work. [read more]

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Our Customers Are Delighted

We replaced 5 large Engineering labs with Virtual desktops. This project would have been impossible without the performance that V3 and Teradici provide.

Our customers were amazed by the increase in speed of our virtual desktops; just by adding this simple appliance.

In the past workers were reluctant to access their virtual desktops remotely because it was so slow. But with the V3 Appliance, now people actually like to access the network remotely because of the speed of these virtual machines.